SerTech Exchange – Why We’re Here

A brief insight into what has driven the creation of SerTech Exchange and how we are planning on helping to harness tech to improve the Service and Hospitality sectors. By Andrew Main                

I loved my long career with Aramark – it’s a wonderful company and through it, I have made a great many friends in the Service and Hospitality industry around the world.

So when it came to considering what I would do next after leaving, I had no desire to take on a role that would involve working for one of Aramark’s competitors.

However, my passion for the hospitality and service sector meant that I knew I still wanted to stay closely involved in the industry. It’s such an exciting area to work in, with great people who are dedicated to providing great service to their clients and customers. 

Where’s the Tech in the Service Industry?

I spent time researching other industries for inspiration and became more and more aware of how they were being transformed by tech-led innovators who were helping to disrupt the industries they operated in. I also saw how, in other sectors, businesses offering tech were a recognised segment of the industry they’re focused on, providing a pool of potentially game-changing solutions that established businesses can easily connect with and benefit from.

For example, in the Financial Services market, there is a thriving FinTech market with lots of game-changing start-ups doing some amazing things – take a look at Lendinvest for example to see how they have transformed the bridging loan/ short term mortgage business.

AgriTech is now a recognised segment of the agricultural sector too and it was very easy for me to find ten game-changing firms technology firms who are transforming that industry. Take a look a Cropx for example – it’s very interesting!

Best of Both Worlds

This research inspired me to explore how well the service and hospitality industry is set up to bring game-changing tech innovators, potential business users and investors together in a similar way. And I quickly came to the conclusion that there was no truly effective way for them to connect.

So the idea for SerTech Exchange was born. I’ve created a model that enables brilliant tech innovation businesses to connect with investors and C-Suite executives in the hospitality and service industries who want to find out how to do things differently and better.

Our vision is that SerTech will be as well known and established as a segment of our industry as FinTech is within the finance industry. And that SerTech Exchange will be the way that all the parties who will drive step-changes in our industry moving forward will connect and engage with one another.

If you’d like to be part of turning this vision into reality, please get in touch.