SerTech Exchange Partners with ReposiTrak, Inc.

Repositrak logo

SerTech Exchange is delighted to be partnering with ReposiTrak®, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Park City Group (PCYG), to introduce its sourcing, compliance management and advanced commerce platform for retailing to Europe. ResposiTrak enables food retailers and suppliers to protect their brands by maintaining regulatory compliance. It also enables traceability as products and ingredients move between trading partners.

The agreement is part of ReposiTrak’s plan for global expansion, building on its long track record of delivering value for leading US retailers and their supply chains.

Commenting on the new partnership, SerTech Exchange Founder and CEO said, “I realised there is a great need for not only compliance management solutions, but also the e-commerce and supply chain technology that ReposiTrak offers… The European market is hungry for the kind of innovative and proven solutions the ReposiTrak technology platform provides, which is why we’re taking steps to refer this technology to our own growing community.”

For more details, please read the press release.