Client Case Study – Hospitality Industry


This client is a global hospitality organisation with tens of thousands of employees across the world.

With strong existing professional relationships with their Senior Executive team, SerTech Exchange were invited to help them consider potential partners to bring their digital transformation strategies to life.


Working with one of their Division’s leadership as the day to day contact, the SerTech Exchange Leadership team, spent time to truly understand the client’s strategies and the growth aspirations they had for their enterprise over the next five years.

Together we evaluated which of our Digital Partners had solutions that had the potential to enable a quantum step towards unlocking and achieving these aspirations and met with the leadership of these short-listed Digital Partners to determine whether they did in fact have this potential.


Once satisfied that we had a roster of Digital Partners that had the potential to deliver customised solutions that would turbo-charge the achievement of the client’s strategies, we organised and hosted an event that brought all the key parties together to bring these to life in a very efficient and focussed way, allowing our client’s executive team to spend time with digitally enabled firms that we’d screened and shortlisted and that they could have confidence in their ability to deliver.

This client is progressing to introduce two of our Digital Partners across their global operations.