About Us

SerTech Exchange was founded in London, UK in 2017 with a mission to actively support our enterprise clients to identify the very best digital technologies to power their business.


We source and screen best-in-class digital solutions from around the world that address real-world business opportunities. These firms are partnered with our senior executives whose business world expertise and resident industry knowledge uniquely positions us to co-create their solutions to be relevant, sustainable and scalable for the enterprises we introduce them to within our extensive professional networks.

We actively support our enterprise clients and digital partners to ensure that the right solution is delivered to the right client at the right time.


We work collaboratively with clients to understand their strategic priorities and match those with our digital partners who will customise their technology solutions to realise a quantum impact on our client organisations.

SerTech Lab V2.0, our comprehensive screening process was developed in partnership with PWC in early 2019 and provides us with a unique five attribute vetting process to enable us to identify the best-in-class technology-enabled firms with proven solutions that are well positioned to scale-up.

We work with our digital partners to co-create their solutions, ensuring they are suitable, sustainable and scalable, before introducing them to our network of C-Suite decision-makers in client organisations.

We support and mentor our digital partners as they work collaboratively with every client to customise their solutions to each client’s unique requirements, resulting in tailored solutions that deliver accelerated profitable growth for our clients and digital partners alike.

For organisations considering bringing digital enablement to their strategies and  business operations, SerTech Exchange provides a perfect starting point.

With the unique combination of our team of senior executives from across the business world and the C-level knowledge and experience that they bring, combined with our network of best-in-class digital partners whose solutions have been vetted and shaped by our executives expertise & resident industry knowledge, we provide our clients with an assurance that the proven solutions we introduce them to will have the potential to unlock significant value for their organisations.

With a leadership team that spans North America, Asia and Europe, SerTech Exchange is ideally positioned to support and enable digital transformation in organisations across the major economies of the world.

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How We Work

The SerTech Exchange platform is designed to source and screen best-in-class Technology firms from around the globe who have proven success in their home market.

Through our proprietary screening process, SerTech Lab V2.0, our team of subject matter experts identify solutions that are industry-relevant, sustainable and scalable. We only invite the very best firms to become Digital Partners in the SerTech Exchange Network and partner with them to accelerate their scaling-up across the globe.

Becoming a Digital Partner


If you are selected to become one of our Digital Partners, our team of global industry leaders work with you to co-create your value propositions and business development strategies. Our senior Leadership Team calls upon their decades of experience to ensure that the solutions we bring to market are vetted, shaped and developed to address real-world challenges and opportunities.

Sustainable, Scalable Solutions for Enterprise Clients


For our enterprise clients, our focus is on introducing you to our Digital Partners that have the potential to make a quantum difference to your profitable growth. Our Leadership Team members have all had extensive industry experience at very senior levels and use this knowledge and experience to help shape the technology solutions our Digital Partners deliver, ensuring that the solutions we bring to you are suitable, sustainable and scalable for your business.

Following each introduction, we work collaboratively with both parties to actively support the process all the way through to full-scale implementation, including the provision of experienced digital transformation practitioners where that interim support is required.


Global Reach


SerTech Exchange has one of the most extensive professional networks, spanning North America, Europe and South-East Asia. Our Leadership Team’s extensive C-Suite relationships have been developed over many years as a result of their previous global leadership roles and have been built on a foundation of strong mutual respect and trust.

We place immense value on the integrity of every one of these relationships and so work very closely with each our Digital Partners in co-creating their solutions to ensure that they are tailored to have the potential to make a quantum impact to our clients’ global operations.

The SerTech Exchange Platform – The Four Processes
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Working in partnership with both V.C. firms and a network of independent sourcers, we identify best-in-class technology enabled firms with proven solutions that have the potential to scale across multiple geographies and industry sectors.



SerTech Lab V2.0, our proprietary five attribute screening process enables us to have confidence in the underpinning foundations of any business that may be a candidate to become part of the SerTech Exchange Digital Partner Network.



As a partner firm in this exclusive network, the Digital Partner works with our team of senior executives, all of whom have had extensive experience of leading in global enterprises. Together they work on shaping the positioning of our Digital Partners to ensure that their solutions are shaped and developed to address recognised industry needs and that they are relevant, sustainable and scalable.

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Scaling up

The final element of the SerTech Exchange platform is our unparalleled professional network that spans the three major global economies. We identify firms within our network for whom the Digital Partner solution has the potential to make a quantum impact and host personal introductions to those C-Level executives, remaining close throughout each business development cycle.

The SerTech Exchange Leadership team and our hand-picked networks of Channel Partners and Introducers have the most extensive professional networks at C-Suite level. These have been built up over decades & are founded upon deep levels of integrity and trust.


It is for this reason that only the very best digital and technology enabled firms are invited to become part of the SerTech Exchange Digital Partner Network.