Accelerating Profitable Growth

Digital technologies are changing the face of business. Fuelled by an explosion in data and the scale, reach and computer power enabled by the cloud, digital technologies are creating digital and business acceleration that demands an urgent response by Enterprise organisations in order for them to continue to compete, thrive and grow.


Digital technology organisations face their own challenges. They know the issues faced by Enterprise organisations and have created outstanding solutions to address those problems. However, they often lack the marketing expertise or reach necessary to capture the attention of the very people that most need their solution.

This is why SerTech Exchange was formed.  Our mission is to actively support our Enterprise clients and Digital Partners to ensure that the right solution is delivered to the right client at the right time.

We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their strategic priorities and match those with our digital partners who will customise their technology solutions to realise a quantum impact on our client organisations.

A member of the SerTech Exchange team works closely with both the client company leadership team and our Digital Partners throughout the selection and scaling up process, supporting both parties in achieving successful outcomes.

Our clients take confidence that our Digital Partners have:


  • A proven and successful business that has a track record of success in an existing market.
  • Foundational attributes to be a potential solution provider across scale enterprises as tested and approved through the robust screening process we have in SerTech Lab V2.0.
  • Highly customisable solutions that can be tailored, in collaboration with each client, to create a solution that exactly meets the client’s reqirements.

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Additional Client Services

SerTech Exchange also provides the following services:

SerTech Associates

We recognise that for many organisations, there is little or no availability of experienced staff from within their own teams to lead and implement significant change projects, particularly around digital transformation.


And so, in partnership with one of the leading Interim Executive firms, we established SerTech Associates to address this hurdle to adoption for our clients.


SerTech Associates has a portfolio of highly experienced digital transformation practitioners who have extensive experience in leading and delivering digital transformation in organisations around the world. These executives are available to be seconded to client organisations, to work with their existing teams and fill whatever roles are required to help ensure successful implementation.

Private Screenings of Potential Digital Partners


In some cases, our clients already have existing relationships with digital firms in one or more divisions of their business. Solutions are often introduced in a single subsidiary or a single division without robust due diligence ensuring security, scalability and sustainability.

In these situations, our clients can commission a private screening of these firms through SerTech Lab V2.0, that delivers a clear and objective view of the potential of these firms to deliver a viable enterprise-wide solution.

Retained Client Services


SerTech Exchange offer a Retained Client Service in which organisations have the opportunity to become a retained client of SerTech Exchange. In this model, SerTech Exchange works closely and proactively with the client organisation’s senior executive team and the leaders of our best-in-class Digital Partners within the SerTech Exchange Network to co-create bespoke, scalable solutions for our clients that enable a quantum step change in their profitable growth.