SerTech Lab V2.0

SerTech Lab V2.0 is the five attribute, three stage-gate proprietary screening process of SerTech Exchange. It has been designed and built in association with PwC.

The process is overseen by our panel of subject matter experts to ensure that every potential digital partner firm not only goes through a stringent screening process, moderated by experts in their respective fields, but also to enable our Digital Partners to have the opportunity to engage with them as mentors to their own businesses as part of the suite of services available to SerTech Exchange network partners.

SerTech Lab V2.0 provides assurance to the enterprise clients of SerTech Exchange that any technology enabled business to whom they are personally introduced has successfully completed the SerTech Lab V2.0 screening process and as such they can have confidence in the robustness of their underlying business in all of the key areas involved in the screening process.

You can begin our screening process by completing the form below.

The Screening Process

The screening process consists of three stage gates:

1. Introductory online questionnaire – This free-to-complete introductory questionnaire is designed to enable both the firm completing the questionnaire and SerTech Exchange to quickly assess whether there is a fit for the proposed technology on offer within the SerTech Exchange network and to confirm that there is no existing Digital Partner within the Exchange network that is already providing this solution.

2. Pre-Qualifying online questionnaire – On successful completion of the Introductory questionnaire and exchange of mutual non-disclosure agreements, the candidate firm will be given the opportunity to complete the Pre-Qualifying on-line questionnaire. There is an administration fee for this phase of the screening process. This part of the screening process focuses on what SerTech Exchange considers to be the five critical attributes of a potential partner business.

The responses to each of these five sections will be reviewed by the respective members of the SerTech Lab panel of Subject Matter Experts. Any prospective partner firms that are unsuccessful after this review will receive detailed feedback as to the reasons for their candidacy being terminated at this stage.

For businesses that successfully complete this phase of the screening process, they’ll then be invited to participate in the final stage gate of the screening process.

3. Interview – On successful completion of the Pre-qualification Questionnaire phase, the candidate firm will be invited to participate in the final stage of the screening process – the Interview phase. This will involve live (via videoconference) interviews with the SerTech Lab SME panel members and takes the form of a more detailed discussion on each of five critical attributes. There is an administration fee for this final phase of the screening process.

SerTech Lab V2.0 Potential Outcomes

There are three potential outcomes for a candidate firm undertaking the SerTech Lab V2.0 stage gate screening process:


1. Decision not to proceed – this is an outcome that would arise if the detailed questioning in the interview phase uncovered adverse factors that hadn’t been identified in the pre-qualification on-line stage gate. If this was the outcome, the candidate firm receives detailed feedback on all aspects of their results in the screening process and have the specific reasons for the decision not to proceed detailed in this report.


2. Proceed to become a member of SerTech Exchange Incubator program – this is an outcome that would arise if the candidate firm was considered to have an exciting and highly applicable technology-enabled solution and that could be a very good fit within the SerTech Exchange ecosystem. However, through the stage-gate screening process, at least one area within the five attributes has been identified as either a vulnerability or underdeveloped and therefore requires further work on the part of the candidate firm to reach the standards required to be a Digital Partner within the SerTech Exchange network.

In this scenario, the candidate firm would have the opportunity to enter our incubator program where they would be actively supported by our team of experts to address this vulnerability.


3. Proceed to becoming a Digital Partner within the SerTech Exchange Network – Congratulations! The candidate firm has successfully completed all parts of the SerTech Lab V2.0 screening process and is all set to work with the team at SerTech Exchange to co-create their business development strategy and to begin the process of accelerated scaling up!

Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a Digital Partner within the SerTech Exchange Network. If you wish to go through the initial application phase, please complete the form below.


We look forward to learning about your exciting technology solution and supporting you as you undertake the SerTech Lab V2.0 screening process.

Stage 1 Stage-gate
If we both agree to proceed to the full screening process stage, we'll forward a set of online questionnaires to complete. Please provide both a primary and an alternative email address to which these can be sent:
Thank you. We will use this information to review your application and if successful we will be in touch regarding the next stage of our process.