We developed SerTech LAB as a way of screening and preparing tech start-ups that want to enter the Services market.


SerTech LAB is founded on a series of proven, proprietary processes designed to mitigate the risk of new-tech investment for companies and investors, and to open up new market and research opportunities for tech-enabled startups and universities.

Before any new product goes to market, it needs to undergo rigorous analysis and testing. Taking a new tech-enabled product or service into a new market is no different.


SerTech Lab is a proven series of structured processes that ensure that your innovative tech solution is ready to be presented to decision-makers in the Services and Hospitality industry and investors who are actively seeking opportunities in the sector.

How it Works

Every organisation that joins SerTech Exchange benefits from a tailored assessment process that establishes:


  • Business goals for membership
  • Strategy for development
  • Recommendations and expert support for moving to the next stage with opportunities.



We only introduce new tech opportunities to Service industry executives and investors once we have assessed that they are ready to address the market with solutions that are fit for purpose.


We undertake a ‘deep-dive’ to make sure that the company’s strategy, goals, capabilities and leadership are clearly defined and that the solutions they offer are appropriate for the Services & Hospitality Industry.


The process includes:


  • Review of operating model and business goals within the context of SerTech Exchange
  • Development of a realistic market-specific business development plan
  • Assessment of each potential opportunity and propensity partner
  • On-going advisory services, including strategy development
  • Refinement of the value proposition, pitch preparation and development of the sales process for the services industry.




Once your business has successfully completed the Pre-screening process, the focus is then on preparing for your introductory meetings with potential clients who are ready to go to the next stage.


Our SerTech Pitch-Ready service helps you to clearly present information about your operating model and business development strategy.


We also work with you to identify the industry needs that your business is positioning to address and develop your Service market-specific business development plan and supporting presentation material.


Once this work is complete, we can introduce you to prospective enterprise clients at a C-Suite level and investors who have a passion for harnessing technology to positively transform the Services & Hospitality markets.


Get in touch today to find out how your organisation could benefit from SerTech Lab.